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Health and Wellness Powered by D-BHB

Fuel your mind and body to live a long and healthy life.

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Brain Health

Get 225% more energy from D-BHB than sugar.

Heart Health

Lower stress and improve mental clarity.

Metabolic Health

Improve insulin levels and burn fat for fuel.

Clinically Proven to Help You Live Better

D-BHB is a breakthrough, bio-identical ketone that triggers your body to start burning fat for fuel in 60 minutes or less.

In a double-blind placebo-controlled study, Real Ketones patented D-BHB formula was administered to the test group and the results were unprecedented!

Over 2.5X More Pounds of Fat Lost

Placebo: 1.8 lbs
RK D-BHB: 4.5 lbs

Stress Reduction

Reduction in stress response from D-BHB group

35% Change of Normal Insulin Levels

Placebo: 2.6 iul/L
RK D-BHB: -1.2 iul/L

6.9% Reduction in Normal LDL Cholesterol Level

Placebo: -1.8 MG/DL
RK D-BHB: -8.6 MG/DL

Real Easy Keto

Real Ketones powerhouse D-BHB ketones makes keto easy to do and easy to maintain.

No counting calories, macros or starvation diets needed – just two doses a day and you’re on your way to extra energy, appetite suppression and mental clarity!


Take your morning dose of D-BHB with any of our convenient stick packs.



Eat a sensible, low-carb keto lunch


Keep your ketosis going all day with a second dose of D-BHB.



Eat a sensible, low-carb keto dinner

Real People, Real Results

Ready, Set, Go Keto!

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